The manufacture of fish goods in Bulgaria
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Red Caviar
Red Caviar

Red caviar is a delicacy made of natural ingredients in an ecologically clean region of Bulgaria. The product is produced with a modern technology procedure at the plant that has been certified according to the HACCP system.

Ingredients: Processed natural caviar of freshwater fish (33%), salt (up 5%), agar (purple - red algae (2%)), olive oil (omega-9), fish oil (omega 3), citric acid, potassium sorbate, locus bean gum (Mediterranean acacia), xanthan gum (natural polysaccharide), carrageenan (red algae), natural colors - paprika, betakaroten (natural extract from carrots), carmine (natural pigment), natural flavors – salmon and red caviar.

Expiry date: from 0 ° С to +4 ° С
Shelf life: 6 months
Net mass: 110 & 550 grams

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Red caviar is one of the finest caviars on the market. It is a delicacy for so many and provides that top quality taste and comes with the finest of pure ingredients. The price is a bit higher than other options on the market, but this reflects the quality you obtain when ordering.

Choose to buy online in the USA and have it delivered to your front door. Quality caviar should not be difficult to obtain. Find it for the sale price and grab a few containers to ensure that this is the finest caviar out there.

Top Quality Caviar When You Need it

Use the caviar for multiple recipes, such as sushi or to eat on its own. The red color stands out from the salmon that it comes from. This seafood is one of the most wanted, but hardest to find in the finest, freshest quality. We have searched globally to deliver the finest caviar from the finest fish.

This top quality caviar is the best that you’re able to find in the market. The types of sushi that we provide are vast. With everything from black to red, salmon to Alaskan, you can ensure that you’re obtaining the finest in ingredients delivered straight to your door.

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The manufacture of fish goods in Bulgaria
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